Food Manifesto

The last 7 years have seen an unprecedented rise in our interest in food as humans. Other animals were always interested in food, considering that most of their lives are spent in it’s pursuit.
What makes it different for us homo-sapiens ? Is it the fact that we are able to cook it ? Or is it because we are capable of processing it at a leviathan scale. I ¬†believe that it is both those things and more. We’re not just in pursuit of food as sustenance, we’re in pursuit of it’s deliciousness. Food shows, documentaries, cooking contests, eating contests, cooking and eating contests…. the list goes on. We are obsessed with the preparation and consumption of food, and I’m glad that we are. I will operate this blog to do 2 primary things :

  • Find and write about the food at the best restaurants on the planet
  • Find and write about the food at the future best restaurants on the planet

Currently there are numerous michelin starred restaurants on planet earth. The highest concentration of these are found in Japan and France. Michelin is a comprehensive and well respected guide to dining, though originally created for Europe – it has now graded restaurants all over the globe.

Do I intend to visit all of these places in my lifetime (considering that the list will grow) ? Perhaps, but that’s not really my ambition. This isn’t going to be only about michelin starred food, I intend to write about the food that speaks to me.


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